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Global Sport Group, LLC is a privately held company, with world headquarters in the United States and affiliates throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Worldwide Headquarters
260 Silver Spring Road
Ridgefield, CT 06877 USA
Phone: 001 516.680.0609
Fax: 001 203.643.2220

Shep Messing,
Managing Director
Phone: 001 516.860.6545



Global Sport Group, US

Zach Messing,
Managing Director, Global Sport Group, US
Phone: 001.516.680.0609



Global Sport Group, Europe-Asia

David Roberts,
Managing Director, Global Sport Group, Europe-Asia
Phone: 001.860.371.9599



Global Sport Group, National Player Scouts

Alan Hudson, National Player Scout, UK
Phone: 011.44.7909671331



Mark Snell, National Player Scout, US


Leonardo Zamora, National Player Scout, Chile



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