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Integrating the professional services you need to maximize financial security throughout your lifetime.

While Global's Representation Group works to maximize your value during your career, your Global Wealth Management Team works with the world's leading financial institutions and trusted financial professionals to help you build and preserve the wealth you create — so you can enjoy the benefits of your success both during and after your playing career.

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A full range of integrated wealth management services are available if and when you require them, ensuring that each opportunity you consider is evaluated in the context of your total financial plan and tax situation. As a Global Wealth Management client, we constantly review portfolio performance and your short and long term objectives to ensure that strategies are in-step with changing circumstances.

Services Include:

  • Financial planning.
    With a fully customized, individual financial plan we help you to establish annual budgets, identify short and long term financial goals and then match investment strategies to those goals.

  • Money management.
    Execution of individual investment strategies through a customized selection of best-of-breed money managers.

  • Estate planning.
    Expert estate planning, including trust consultation and development.

  • Tax planning.
    Expert tax consultation based on cross-border and local expertise applied to the evaluation of contract opportunities in different tax jurisdictions, structuring of player and sponsorship contracts to maximize after-tax earnings, and customized tax planning to minimize ongoing tax liability.

  • Tax compliance.
    Full compliance with local and domestic tax authorities, including periodic and annual tax filings.

  • Insurance.
    Insurance planning and execution based on customized individual financial plans.

  • Charitable giving.
    Where appropriate, Global can assist clients in the design and execution of charitable giving strategies, consistent with the client's financial and social objectives.


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