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There are four things that make Global Sport Group truly unique:



First and foremost, Global Sport Group is founded on the principle that our purpose is to act as objective, un-conflicted advocates of our clients. We do not see ourselves as "middlemen" who trade on the value of players to maximize benefits for ourselves. We are representatives of our clients — everything we do is in the best interest of our clients. Our honesty, integrity and ethical standards guide all of our actions.

We understand that in order to maximize the value we create for our clients, we need to be able to represent our clients in all key markets and seek out all potential opportunities. Global Sport clients are currently playing in 13 different countries. We have access to every major soccer market in the world with agents working for our clients in:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa

  • Our central purpose is to maximize the value that clubs and sponsors see in our clients and to find and negotiate the deals that allow our clients to realize that value. At the same time, we understand that there are other services that are important in preserving and creating wealth for our clients while ensuring a high quality of life for them during and after their careers. Global offers financial planning, money management, sophisticated tax planning and tax management, estate planning, and a variety of other services — all available to our clients if and when they want to take advantage of them. When we take on a client, we consider this to be a lifelong obligation. We'll be there for them, as long as they want us to be there.

    Global Sport Group is unwavering in its commitment to its clients and only works with people who are firmly committed to the values of the Firm — and who are capable of delivering the quality of service that we insist on for our clients.


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